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About the kennel

Now it is difficult for me to imagine, that several years ago there were no dogs in my house.

That, other life was absolutely different. I am grateful to my fluffy friends for the new world they’ve opened for me, for the new impressions, experience, pleasure, which I get communicating with them every day. And for the outstanding people that I have already met and will meet on this way!

The first dog, Mira, appeared in our house in 2008. I understood that breed carried me away and signed up to take cynological courses. I read a lot of professional literature and I became a regular visitor of lectures on genetics and veterinary science.
I tried not to miss any large show in Russia, and when I had chance, abroad, receiving the first experience of showing my little dog.
I communicated a lot with breeders, experts and I did not hurry with breeding.

I was lucky to make my first steps in breed and breeding with one of the most famous Pomeranian breeders, talented groomer and handler, the owner of the kennel Dan-Star-Kom − Ludmila Komyakova. I will be always grateful to Ludmila for her support, priceless advice and experience, which she generously shared with me. That is why my first several litters are registered with Dan-Star-Kom attachment.


My own kennel was founded in 2011. It’s name, “Grande Festa” (from It. Great Holiday), has come after I heard and liked the album of Italian group Pooh. The song of the same name from this album was included into the video about our dogs and it went with the band of playing Pomeranians, so there were no questions left how to name the kennel.

Our aim is to acquire physically healthy dogs of the type we want, with steady psyche, excellent anatomy and proper hair. You can get to know with us on the pages of this website.

Our kennel is still very young, and we hope that our main achievements are ahead. Now I would like to thank everyone who helped us in kennel’s formation. For pedigree material, help, support, and sometimes just for friendly advice and sympathy.


We want to thank:

- Ludmila Komyakova − the person with never-ending energy and diligence. I want to thank her for our first dogs, which continue to gladden us with success at shows and with excellent brood.

- Our amazing breeder, charming and always young Elena Turbina. I want to thank her for wonderful dogs of her breeding, which she has kindly agreed to pass to us. We are proud of them and place big hopes on them in future.

- Our permanent photographer, Alina Kreps, for her outstanding photos.

- Our veterinaries − Anastasia Koroborova and Veronika Gil’

- Our friends and companions − Alla Bazhenova, Irina Borodina, Oksana Korneeva, Oksana Khokhlova, Irina Oralova, Anna Pobochina, Olga Bulanova, Marina Klinovskaya, Elena Tikhnova, Zhanna Skrynnik, Lena Surozhkina.

- All experts for their attention to our dogs and sensible critical observations, that give us the right line in work.

- Family and friends for their understanding, endless patience and pride for our success!

- All owners of our puppies − for their trust, diligence and love for their pets!


Yours faithfully,

Polina Drozdova

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